Reflections 1- The identity

I am writing a new series of thoughts on life and how parenting is a reflection of what we believe and we are.

Parenting is not something that is taught because it is a natural feeling for the child and reflection of our deep rooted beliefs , our attitude and expectation from life and much influenced by how we have been brought up. Yes there are advises and counselling and discussions to handle it better .

But parenting gives us a opportunity to transform , to be reflective of our actions and thoughts, to change beyond what we are and evolve and explore where we have never been. Its totally a personal thing what we want to make and guide the life at hand but it has a influence in all spectrums of human development and society as a whole.

A major influence played is by our identity of our educational background and our profession . A person in particular profession imbibes many of its characteristics in daily life and home. A person from a particular field or educational background displays traits influenced by his subject of interest. But that’s our interest and choices . We should be able to see life from every angle and be more open as parents than having a major influence of our identity.

This also applies to fields of art and business if we are excelled at any art or a successful business or entrepreneur it is not necessary the child will be interested in same or may have same set of skills .The more we are open to life and its facets despite our choices the better parent can we be.

In my reflection everything boils down to a point of we being the parent or child sometimes in our life. It play a major role of what we are and what we make of what we can be. Its very necessary to keep off personal egos of our identity when raising a complete and balanced individual , only pass on what’s good within us and build a better version of ourselves and set better examples. It needs to start somewhere.

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