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Covering depths, spaces and angles while teaching

When a topic is being taught , there are always area that may require depth, there will always be gaps of how much the child knows as he still is in learning phase and every child has different exposure, there will be angles that need to initiated or brought to light. Only if teaching is able to follow this you can develop a learning that connects to child and the topic being covered. Below are some ways in homeschooling my kid I encountered and dealt these situations.

Being a engineering graduate from field of IT we have very well learnt the details , concepts and terms that pertain to computers and IT. In recent years introduction of this subject from early years of schooling is a good idea and a necessity but again depths need to checked for .There are terms like records/ reports , maintaining, designing , controlling .And since this subject spans across various other fields and domains IT is used again the terms related to those jobs like bank statements, office files ,school records, shopping bills , receipts, ticket booking. In short when these topics or terms are encountered the child shouldn’t be told just mugup these jargons or be given a layman definition of it because it is on this he will build and connect future topics of this subject. Well its always good to go a extra mile in such situation .eg: I made sure to explain in short what is a bank ,what happens there, what is a record- records in library, records in a bank, records of patient, what are reports- report card , medical report .., showed her some basic example as illustrations, difference in terms -receipt, bill , statement all outputs we get from a computer. I know none of this is going to help her from scores point of view but its always better to understand and know what they have learnt.

Another situation arises once when i was teaching a topic from language it was a lesson about a moral story but the plot of the story had this entire process and terms of farming- ploughing, sowing, irrigation, weeding , harvesting, could have easily skipped it just making the moral and the idea clear. But i decided to help her to understand those basic processes via a small visit to town side how the entire process involves a number of tasks over a period of time with the help of some media that showed the process of farming a fruit readily available on net .It gave her more confidence about the story and understand what it really tried to mean in all aspects.

There was one this lesson that dealt with various aspects of time and a event about a child , now first get to that topic i made sure i give her a basic understanding of time yesterday, the day , tommorow. Time when changes where made to the event, the actual time of event and the changed time of event.Ok its not simple as it looks because the placement of words changed meaning of the sentence and question asked about time and event. eg: what was the time of event , when was time of event changed , what was the changed time of event .I could have totally skipped those angles made her just remeber both the question and answer to give .

Last is with the complexity of maths which needs you to understand all these various functions of addition , subtraction , multiplication and division , measuremnts , time. But the most difficult part is deciding where do you need to use what and why , when presented with a problem.

I don’t say you have to research on everything and make them know everything about everything , but make sure to connect those dots of what is being taught, so that learning is based on understanding.

If children are being taught something an effort should be made to reach the right depths from their level of knowledge, various angles should be discussed rather taking it granted it has been clear. spaces between learning and education should be met. All this can only be met when seen from a Childs perspective. Don’t forget to give it enough time to sink in.

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