Rules for Everything

person standing on road

Books with Rules,
Ruler to draw.

Rules for a line,
Rules when at ease.

Follow rules to write,
Follow rules to speak.

Rules when to query.
Rules when to mingle.

And then they say,
You are,
free to imagine.
free to make.
free to think.

All my time is ruled all time,
Rule out those rules.
Set the spirt free.

Rules only train me to see,
See me do more when i learn between the spaces and curves that .

Rules don’t teach.

4 thoughts on “Rules for Everything

  1. Yes but too much of it stops one from being able to think beyond it and ones trained to do so, there is not much left to think from ones own vision, especially if kids are not given freedom and ruled all times

  2. Yes i see where you are coming from. Rules can stifle us, especially children, from flowering, so to speak. From discovering things about themselves, gifts, personalities, abilities.

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