Cultivating right attitude and approach for Learning

Learning is a continuous process, some can be early learners , some can be late, there can be different paths to learning the same thing.But what matters the most is attitude, approach , mindset towards learning.

Unfortunately the attitude towards learning in early years plays a very important role in creating a mindset for lifetime and is very much influenced by external factors , people involved in learning their inputs , efforts and feedback to the child. Its said “The way we speak to the children becomes their inner voice”. A negative tone or coining terms to highlight their weak points makes things worse rather a positive tone with remedial approach is what will build confidence in the child to work for change always. Learning is never difficult but the attitude and approach cultivated makes learning difficult.

Its important to cultivate right mindset for learning because learning is a continuous process, the key lies in being able to be open or ready to learn.

  • Using a negative tone or attitude creates a negative mindset thus keeping minds closed to be able to receive that’s being taught.
  • Being open to mistakes and ready to accept and rectify with steps to avoid same mistakes in future .
  • Knowing self well both the weak and strong points and work harder and improve on weak areas rather than glorify strength areas.
  • Learning to do it yourself no matter longer it takes, difficult it may seem, result could go wrong but not look for handholding every time.
  • Every process or source (media, books, modelling, projects, experiments, illlustrations) of learning is equally important and should be done with best efforts and accepting various facets of development it brings along .
  • Learning to be part of the learning process rather than seek direct answers or handouts to make scores better. Help them learn the process of making notes, mapping, simplifying or summarizing.
  • Competitive and critical comparisons with peer should never be made instead should always be focused on self and strive for personal best.
  • Letting children contribute and actively participate while teaching ,help them bring their ideas or content along.
  • Showing them real life use , examples , scenarios or why they are learning topic that is being taught to create interest for learning.
  • To be able respect others point of view and be a good listener.
  • Not have over confidence of always knowing more than the tutor and not being critical and judgmental rather than being receptive.

Its important to have a right approach to learning and that needs to be cultivated in early years with a positive tone , persistence and never give up attitude for nothing is impossible. Learning never ends but wrong attitude developed for learning will surely close doors to learning in future years to come.

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