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Being a person who has always been into books most of life reason may be the way i was brought up or then my curiosity to study the same topic from many different books thinking it would make it even more easier or simpler to understand and ended up it getting even more complex.

I have always been low side when it came to artistic talents though luckily did slip some time for writing and poetry .But that never meant I never valued artistic skills or talent though i did find some fascinating but most part of time spent in education , lack of time due to growing responsibility and then low self confidence to even try those areas which needed more right brain activity( arts).

People who know me well have a golden advise for me after seing me dance is to avoid it, though i did have some formal classes in early years on Bharathnatyam but didnt last long due to lack of interest from all sides.

Well i think i might have passed on my genes of not so good dancer to one of my daughter, i realized this when i was going through her preschool to early primary videos of her school dance. Contrast to the praises she received i noticed how well memorized acrobatic acts they looked without missing a beat . I appreciate her for her confidence on stage and at least to get those parts of dance that others didnt find so easy. Since now schools are closed and many co curricular activities have been missing this year with studies on front and still difficult to adjust.I decided to help her with some dance( you know moms they think they can do anything) help her understand how she could work more on being relaxed rather than stiff acrobatic movements, how could she move more in a rhythmic way . I showed her how different it looked every time the dance move was done in a different way we watched some videos , let her do moves , we recorded and we redid it, It also helped her understand it wasn’t necessary to hold an expression (plastic smile)through the entire dance and just be herself .

After the entire episode we realized how dance helped us connect better with ourselves and helped us embrace our imperfections.Dance helps to improve posture, better body control, psychological well being and reliefs stress when done naturally for oneself.

Its time we help our children develop and cherish these skills not only from angle of achievement but a form to express and live other facets of life in a more complete sense.When introduced and mentored at right age depending on childs interest , helps them to use these artistic skills as professional choices later in life. These skills bring in many fold development better body posture, confidence, emotional well being, better co ordination , physical health well being.. So If you dont dance or sing or music or sculpt or not into artistic dont hold them back let them explore and help them do so….

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