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The challenges with current situation and much discussed about online education is the same at my home. No doubt it has kept my child from getting totally cutoff from their school routine and life. But disturbed home routines , mental well being and limited physical activity or exposure is adding to the pressure .Well we have almost reached half academic year all the people involved teachers , parents and dont forget the students are doing their best to make it work.

We get a list of project to be done with a timeperiod and deadline for submission , I was still Processing how to get it done with health-front and belonging to the red zone, I discuss about the new assignment to my daughter. She is excited as now she has some thing to work on other than the study and plays now getting boring.For her I decide to get going .All this no waste with the efforts we put in , I realised the new aspects it brought to my childs view on learning..

  • She started with the topic and understood how to plan it : items required, the layout, the procedure .
  • She got to know how idea needs to be laid out on actual chart or model.
  • Then we did research on it together – the pics , to drawings , to content and some talking.
  • I made the rough sketches or outline she put in her artistic and colouring skills.
  • This time I was surprised , except the cutting parts handling scissor , I could handover her most of the parts of writing , stcking , wrapping, detailing.
  • All this gave a boost to her confidence and her artistic skills and as she felt proud how she made something of some raw materials .
  • She did get know the complexities of making the model how to stick them without falling apart , how to keep them standing when glue is no t enough.

Now the toughest part I wanted all this to make sense to her and decided to let her speak and record it.Well another challenge she had the the idea , concept but fell short of words. Thats when i gave her confidence with words , some sure to go sentences and a way the topic could flow, I decided not to put my words in her talk but let her speak for what she had worked this all time for . She might not be an excellent speaker at her age but the attempt to speak confidently and explain was taken.

Critical point:The only part between all this activity challenging was to keep my younger kid away from our work . She had her own chart made with all glue left in bottle and scraps from the projects.

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