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This is my first blog about my real life situations on parenting . Would like to share many such real me situations like every other parents adventures with their real life scenarios.

Since its pandemic my child like every other kid on this planet in trying to cope up with all add on effects of boredom, monotonous routine, irregular timetables, jumbled sleeping and wake up hours, pouring creativity to keep oneself engaged. Of which TV time and sibling time seem to be doing most of keeping them from going out. Also food on demand right from a hotel menu they might have visited or their favorite fast foods, as If these few months were suddenly going transform me from an average cook to a chef.

My worst challenge being in a city with easy availability to fast foods , my children very high level tastebuds has been being a full fledged cook. At first it was just meeting daily basic plate , course and meals . Then came time to experiments with deserts , cakes , pizzas , vegetables and non veg made in every different curry , experimenting with masalas to recipes.

I tried copying from many you tube videos but most of the time it turned out to be different than what was expected.It was total Rand D of lifetime crashed course into these months Some thing I learned

  • Cooking at different flames and duration changed taste and smell of food.
  • The sequence you put in ingredients and expose to flame again changes the taste
  • Now the quality or type of item you use whether the pulses , rice , vegetable, spice and changes the equation.
  • Your children have preferences to some brands of sauces , cheese , milk , pulses , chocolate more than others , again compromise means changing taste.

Well I can go on almost write a book on it but this is what has kept my family going in such difficult times and my kids mentally stable .I havent become expert at cooking but have some expert tips at hand some , sure to go dishes to keep my day going.But this isn’t going to stop as their expectations are increasing and my research and experimenting is still a go.

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