Building values through talk

In this age where everybody in every corner of the house is engrossed in their own devices, lets see and find time for talk to do wonders. Anything for a second that drives your attention from the screen seems a irritation.
Aren’t talks after all the heart of every relation. Just don’t be critical competitive and judgmental, just talk.

Remember the stars or smileys that teacher drew on kids hand , it might be just a star for you , but that small bit of recognition from whom he admires the most and among his peers ,no less than an award to the young mind. Recognizing their efforts and appreciating progress in a positive way makes them feel good , they feel they are observed and pushes them for better.Though dont keep stars for everything but have points known you want the child to work on , explain to him in simple words and how every different act will be rewarded with a different praise or badge or star or other emojis.Everyday make it innovative so the child doesnt get bored and fall out.Never bribe them or lure them with objects or toys ( let them just come out of love) as this will create an object relation to the effort rather than actual transition.You can always promise to give more of your time in his/her favorite activity (sports/arts/modelling/play) , that means a lot.

Moral stories, mythological stories are age old methods grandparents used .Its the best method to cultivate good skills among young minds when they are easily influenced by stories.But leaving them alone with a video or movie to watch the stories is going to do no wonder.We need to be with them if they are watching or listening ,show or explain about the parts in a depth that they will understand, you cant skip their questions thats part of the process right.These stories can be spoken of at situation apt when the child is in a fix .Help them to connect to character in the stories and who would they connect to.

Teach by example of personalities, cartoon characters, your own story, siblings progress or real life world around(peoples and their lives, differences).you can also give examples of peers or friends just avoid getting competitive or making critical comparisons.

Last could be episodes from their own life, help the child recall how it could have been taken care of what had be learnt from it. Again here avoid being judgmental and passing their mistakes as their biggest flaw, it was a situation and how change in attitude or approach would have made it better.

Of all these the tone and positivity in talk matter the most if the bond of communication is made to last long.Tell them how they are free to make choices but the end result is direct result of their choices.A scold or harsh tone can give immediate results also instill fear but will loosen this relation and trust of communication.

All these will form the base and trust for communications in the years and challenges to come, so a definite effort is needed from our side to use talks to instill values in kids at young age