Homeschooling / Teaching Unprepared

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As parents and tutors in home schooling or teaching , that is problematic for a child is teaching unprepared , unorganised or without any back preparation.

This process of unorganized teaching becomes more of learning and research with teaching at the same time from tutor side , whereas for the student the flow of teaching is very much chaotic and disturbed.When the tutor or parent is overconfident of knowing the topic or being able to get the topic to the child, it has its drawbacks. In an unprepared topic teaching the topic is discovered as well as explained at the same time , yes its possible but there are many loopholes from teaching and child perspective.

  • The tutor is still scrolling and searching through the content when its actually time for the student to begin learning keeping in mind the child’s mental preparation and time constraint
  • The tutor tries to read out or explain in layman terms like a story without the topic forming links or meaningful insights into it.
  • The tutor is not able to focus on child’s understanding or grasping of the topic because there was no preparation on various ways or angles the topic could have been dealt in .
  • The tutor lacks the to and fro knowledge for the topic, that is previous topics to be considered or background knowledge or vocabulary to familiarize, future angles to the same topic.
  • Searching and learning at same time of teaching makes it very chaotic and time management impossible.
  • Natural flow of the topic is hampered , its either text based reading or media driven lecture, expecting the child to get it with his limited knowledge (as it may be the first time) and language skills (that has limited vocabulary is still developing)

Its very important to be prepared when delivering a topic or teaching a child at home, rather than just decide a time and sit with all resources available.Here preparation about the topic and child’s perspective and depth too needs to be considered with ability to connect them to and from the topic.

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