Memories of a difficult child

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Memories of a Classroom – difficult child ….

Though I look not one of u,
Nor share stage with any of you.
Doesn’t mean I don’t be with you.
I see u all closely as u pass around the door,
I see how u gather  with others of Ur feather.
So what if I didn’t match with,
Doesn’t mean I don’t be with you.
I never felt left alone,
Saw u all play and invent sitting there alone.
I enjoyed every moment watching all your stints.
Have seen all your talents brim when bell rings.
Have been with u all when u talked among others trying to listen from a distance so I would not bother.
Have imagined me being one among u wen see u enjoying those paper planes that flew.
So what if I wasn’t like others with u.
I still been and lived every moment in the classroom and out of it with u.
Just that it was a theatre and u all the  artists,
Me the spectator living it through the parts showing.
I too have memories different than others .
So what It looked like I wasnt there among u.
Keep me in memories too  cos I was the other who made everyone better every time a choice appear  ……

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