Change Takes Time

Change Takes Time

Give it time
Let it take course
Dont rush them with lure
Bcos if its instant
It wont hang around for long.
Let them think ,see it work
Give them time to make progress.
Sometimes it will be a straight road
Some will take turns,
Lanes unknown to return to correct one.
Some cant handle it
they think they r without flaws
Its ok to mistake
after all its human,who does not make
Give them a reason , show them around
Speak not raise at all.
Belief and Patience is key
Give it Time….
Change Takes Time…

Published by gayatribagayatkar

Teaching is a complicated and customized process for every child. Its a journey you change paths and take turns to reach the Childs mind. I believe in owning full responsibility as a teacher or parent rather the child otherwise. I have worked out on basic techniques and points that proves useful even to get the most difficult of topics to so called difficult child.

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