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The Average Child

boy running on pathway

I am least bothered about the race,
I am just being the best of myself
Let me take my course
I am in no hurry to make it to box
Will take turns and learn from my mistakes
I have no interest in what others ride
I am happy being myself
I dont want to please others
Nor bothered with numbers on my card
I dont judge them by their ranks
They r just in the same boat to the same shore
It doesnt matter if they look down on me
I will always be there for someone who wants to be with me
No matter who gets there first
Each will have their journey and story
But u wait n see i will still make a spot
u will be proud of what i will do with all that I got

11 thoughts on “The Average Child

  1. This here explains my son so well!

    1. Even my daughter i am happy to raise an average child actually I keep it so for both my kids, they are happier and full of life that way

  2. Agreed. There’s too much stress as adults. I’m wasn’t going to start them off that way.

  3. Loved it, being a mom to an autistic child and a daughter who is not I am a bit stressed concerning the learning and studies of my daughter (since son’s is a different approach). This definitely eased my stress.

    1. Thankyou, They will learn in their pace and we dont have to put pressure of being perfect , there is more than just academics and average child gets enough time to work on everything.

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      2. Sure, what’s your handle?

      3. @BagayatkarG

      4. Thanks a lot, will sure follow you there