The Average Child

boy running on pathway

I am least bothered about the race,
I am just being the best of myself.
Let me take my course,
I am in no hurry to make it to box.
Will take turns and learn from my mistakes,
I have no interest in what others ride.
I am happy being myself.
I dont want to please others.
Nor bothered with numbers on my card.
I dont judge them by their ranks.
They r just in the same boat to the same shore,
It doesnt matter if they look down on me.
I will always be there for someone who wants to be with me.
No matter who gets there first.
Each will have their journey and story.
But u wait n see i will still make a spot.
u will be proud of what i will do with all that I got.

11 thoughts on “The Average Child

  1. Loved it, being a mom to an autistic child and a daughter who is not I am a bit stressed concerning the learning and studies of my daughter (since son’s is a different approach). This definitely eased my stress.

    1. Thankyou, They will learn in their pace and we dont have to put pressure of being perfect , there is more than just academics and average child gets enough time to work on everything.

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