Practical Ways – 6.Power to Speak

Many average students are good communicators at home but their low confidence with academics and fear of speaking in class makes them silent ones. The development of speech is varied among children also the hold on language used for learning plays an important role , A much needed boost and guidance to speak is needed at early years . even some of the brilliant ones shy away to speak .

Speaking at early years of school is basic but the most important block to further development into becoming good public speakers or confident orators with proper mentoring. Speaking should be more thought motivated rather than memorised .

Some begin with vocabulary , to phrases and then to broken to complete sentence, well the transition and speed varies in every child.At early years speaking can be enhanced by asking them question about themselves or questions about their liking and things or people around them. Conversation with family members and friends gives a boost to their oratory skills.

But at academic level study should always be led in a conceptual way so that at the end of topic or lesson encouraging the child to able to give a brief of what was covered it can be accompanied by a chart or pictures or concept map not requiring the child to memorize but able to speak about it in own words. If its a story or moral lesson or poem help the child to understand all the details , the reason , the thought behind it and flow and what it leads to , but then let the child explain them in their own sentences yes with a little help on vocabulary and the outline .

Another way of enhancing speaking helping them to report , recreate or explain a situation , day , event it helps them understand and differentiate the roles of people involved and sequence of events to speak. Able to connect emotions with speech and focusing on body movements , and mastering on non verbal parts of speech helps them become ardent speakers with time.

Pretend play or role play also plays an important role in developing speaking among kids, in such plays a child has a specific role and needs to interact with the other keeping in mind and the setup or scenario being enacted.The scenario can always have creative developments or changes helping them to develop and think more.

While speaking use of words like to , for , of , in , on, to and from words to make meaningful sentences need to be introduced at basic levels . The way to speak about a topic from either side or phrases need to be explained eg: chips is made from potato ,potato is used to make chips , we get eggs from hen, hen gives us eggs.

The more they relate to a topic the better the speakers they will be , hence using mind mapping or concept maps help them better to articulate using their words , no matter how wrong they go with language and syntax that will serve us a insight to help them build better sentences to speak.

Children with speech delays are much effected.There are many videos by excellent speech therapist how small acts or play or time together does wonder with children with speech delay. Also speech delay does hamper language understanding too especially when there are more than one languages used at home and school. So teaching them at a language they are comfortable and translating them to the language of the subject makes them easier to speak on it.

Giving them alternative phrases best suited to a topic or situation and how they mean the same helps them improvise their speaking. The idea is not to train every child to be a brilliant speaker but to get away from fears of being able to speak , no matter their level of knowledge on topic or hold on language skills but using it as a medium of expression is must for all.