Hands On Practise and Insights from It

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Teaching and explaination followed by self study , reading , understanding , memorising is incomplete without actual practise or hands on exercise time alone.

This hands on exercises gives them chance to make mistakes and learn from them.Let them make their mistakes and then highlight their problematic areas or common errors.This approach develops an understanding among children to accept they too can make mistakes and there is room for change or improvement.It helps both the child and tutor focus on child’s common errors or areas that need to be addressed. eg: A mix of problems makes sure whether the child has learnt to identify, differentiate and solve.A mix of questions from same topic but focusing on different aspects like …types of, parts of , uses of..etc.

Practise serves as an important factor for tutor to understand the child’s common mistakes and whether it is related to spellings, language , concepts , analytical view of topic.Based on these further exercises or topics can be designed for the child to cover and correct these problematic areas.This method helps in continuous improvement and development of the child rather than mere evaluation of his current knowledge or skills.

The intention behind practise and exercises should not be just evaluation but also remedial and change to teaching methods to cover these weak areas of child for future topics.eg:

  • Making spelling mistakes – help them trying to write with sounds of words and reading with joining sounds rather than direct memorising.
  • Missing out on parts of question – Develop a habit and give an idea why and how to read till end of the question to come to proper conclusion .
  • Learning to segregate questions based on a process – What is given,What is to be found and the What action or steps need to be performed.

Thats the reason its always said that every child is different and teaching a customized process for every individual mind. An organised well outlined process based on childs performance in self done exercise , serves as an insight to help child improve in the weak areas.

Evaluation should be used to identify and solve the problem areas rather than as a metric to grade the level of childs knowledge .

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