Practical Ways – 5. Begin to Read and More to It

Reading has multiple benefits from

  • improving vocabulary, knowledge, memory, basic reading always helps to enhance our database.
  • improves speaking and writing skills, gives more insight into better ways to explain ones thoughts.
  • helps children improve concentration and focus, as reading requires certain level of attention to keep the flow

The earlier children are introduced to reading process it makes them independent learners . A guided process to reading and then helping them to comprehend the meaning is the basic building block .

Every language has its letter set and sounds attached and then a syntax to use them ..

  1. In English reading its best to start with introduction of alphabets and their individual sounds.
  2. Then teaching them vowels and consonants from alphabets the next step.
  3. Forming two letter words and learning to join the sounds.
  4. Forming easy 3 letter words using CVC method/ word family/ rhyming words and helping them read. In this step more detail can be introduced
    1. By changing the vowel in between and how it changes the word (eg: bat,bit; bug,bag; leg,log)
    2. Another detail to cover here is how sound of end letter changes the word (eg: ram,ran; fin,fit; dig,din).
    3. Last help them make their CVC words just by listening to sound and guessing the first, second and last letter in the word.
    4. Using pictures with CVC is good idea for small children and but training them for CVC without pictures and on basis of sound is equally important.
  5. With above three steps simultaneously introducing sight words / high frequency words (2,3,4 letter words- it, in on ,he ,she, there, them ,are, and, this , that ) commonly used in every sentence , also the question words like what, how , when , where , why and their meaning.
  6. After above steps the child will be ready to read small sentences or a small custom made poem or story about a thing , person or animal.
  7. Now its time to introduce more Phonics- blends , digraphs and common ending sounds like (ing ,all , ell ,ill, ed, y, le..).After this the child can begin reading most of his texts or sentences.
  8. At this point introducing subject or topic related words or special nouns like name , days months names of everything(fruits, vegetables,animals, nature,body parts)learning to read them and memorize.
  9. If needed you can introduce to them to advanced phonics learning to read words with long vowel sounds.

After all this the child will surely have learnt to read. But it doesn’t stop there , next step is helping the child to comprehend the content and make meaningful summary of that is read.This is a continuous process which improves gradually as the child progresses academically because the detailing , depth , analysis of topics and literature increases.Another important factor in reading is understanding the difference between different type of questions and what you are expected to do in a particular question .Only a change in the way the question is written or order of words and some additional words change the meaning overall .Lets look at some real life examples:

  • Where are the going/why are the going?
  • Underline it / circle it / rearrange it /replace it / rewrite it / correct it/ choose the correct option
  • Parts of the plat /Types of plant ; Uses of oil/How oil is made.
  • Mathematical word and problems(in all , remaining, left how much, altogether…)

Well not all of it requires special effort but there will be points as the child progress to address these aspects of reading too.Using grammar to make correct sentences gets introduced academically but reading already gives them a sense to make correct sentences .

Reading stories or books is said to cultivate good skills among children though reading their own textbooks is a good option too.Help them read their text books make annotations and summary .This help reading to improve their writing skills too.Reading has many fold effects on development of the child but a proper guided reading in initial years is very much necessary to build confident and good readers.

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