The Process not the Point in Progress

Time plays an important aspect when teaching a difficult child: understanding all these aspects helps us to maintain the confidence , patience and perseverance when teaching the child. Time shouldn’t be measured in terms of milestones achieved but the process to be used to reach the milestone.

Some children may require more efforts to get across the same topic , this may require using better skills and methods or sometimes aids or multiple sources.Time here plays a role of giving enough energy and exposure to make sure the child has got it and not to mention considering preparation much before to fill in gaps and keep up to the pace .

Sometimes for some skills like writing , reading , speaking or socializing , body language- control and posture, attention span , cognitive skills, emotional or behavioral skills could be a issue or bit distorted. There could be problems in one or more areas. Again this is a aspect of time according to age , need of the hour and ability to understand the skills it could be dealt one at a time or together as combined tasks .This requires continuous close observations , organised methods , following certain routines like reading a story everyday, making a meaningful conversation , putting to tasks that would requires to build attention depending on areas to improve.Just counselling or telling a child to build on these weak areas will never work . Its the parent or tutor who needs to workout ways to bring in the progress.

Here again time plays an important aspect in terms that what looks missing or a drawback isn’t going to last for lifetime, its a continuous process. Yes there will be difference in skills levels attained at every milestone.An academic year is enough long time for the learner as well the tutor to raise the skill level in area the child lags behind.for eg – a child with little attention span may after an academic year learn to attend and still be engaged, a child with problems speaking will at least learn to use better phrases or expressions, a child with reading would have made progress to independent reader or at least word reading.

Hence its important we as parents and teachers dont form too fast long lasting opinions when it comes to these difficult areas of children’s life. They are still in developing phase and unluckily due to factors known unknown some may lag behind in some areas but that doesnt mean they wont reach the winning post or never make it to the podium. Organised and well prepared methods can always make the magic of transforming what seemed liked weak areas of a child once in early years to be his / her greatest strength in the coming life.

All that matters is time plays an important role in childhood and students life and gives the opportunity to work on these areas of weakness with well guided , persistent and organised efforts.These efforts have to continuous , persistent and patient both at home and school. So its best we never coin the terms for the child on his low skills, as said its too early to form long lasting opinion.

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