Life skills a much needed learning

A time before when discipline and moral values were alone given importance in building a childs life along with education. With changing times and challenges around , a better approach without the stricter parenting for ensuring discipline and moral values and yet imbibing all qualities needed to lead a sucessful and independent life in all spheres introduced “Life Skills “.

These skills vary from age of the student to enable them to take better control of their life at every stage .When these skills age appropriate and introduced as a part of their daily life activity gives them overall natural development , which need not be forced through strict parenting or disciplinary actions.

Lifeskills to develop in children

  1. Focus and Self-Control
  2. Perspective-Taking
  3. Communication
  4. Making Connections
  5. Critical Thinking
  6. Taking on Challenges
  7. Self-Directed, Engaged Learning

These skills involve overall development of the child to be able to handle every situation in life. It requires a continuous process with improvements in time . These skills mainly are developed in real life scenarios beyond classroom environment , real life tasks , sometimes with simple conversations with family and siblings or friends , learning to question and explore , independent learning using models , toys or role play, doing basic chores.

Every person has a different set of skills depends on situation , circumstances and priorities in life that he develops or changes to keep moving forward towards a goal. As a child every child too has a natural set of skills like some are very communicative, some are critical thinkers, some prefer working independently, some like to be in a company but as mentors we need to help them in overall development even in areas they do not fare well or connect well.

It is very eminent that not education alone but these life skills play a important role in living a successful life, yes there isn’t a standard metric but developing all parts of it helps a person to be able to handle life in the best way possible.

Checkout some links how age wise life skills can be introduced in a Childs life:

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