Practical Ways- 4.Concept Map

One thing that makes study easy to understand and remember through all years of education is a concept map. Wether you are studying through single source (textbook) or multiple sources this helps you summarize and highlight the topic and details , their relation , the differences all easily viewable at a glance.

It is important a tutor to always have a concept map prepared for self and the learner to have defined flow and help the learner to connect to the overall view of the topic being discussed. These maps could be with pictures or words depends on the topic and age of the learner. These maps could be made for any topic to explain or any part of the concept from a working, to flow or difference, or functioning, or basic syntax or grammar or just an idea.

Concept Map not only enables to give a bigger as well detail view of the topic but helps the learner to understand the flow of the topic being discussed. Use of concept map can also encompass doodling or use of art in learning which is a creative way for young children to encourage learning.

But developing a concept map requires good research and understanding of the topic so that you don’t end up making broken or many concept maps for a single topic . The topic or detailing of concept map should be clear to avoid making it ambiguous.Using concept map helps to eliminate confusion to a larger extent when so many new topics are being dealt at same time .

Sometimes concept map is more handy for the tutor to organize his teaching to know parts that don’t get missed or flow to help child easily understand the subject.

Finally concept map saves a lot of time when there is necessity to browse through topics or just revise that has been done.

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