Practical Ways – 1.Vocabulary Build

Vocabulary building is the first step to learning . Children at a very young age tend to have a great grasping power for new words. Also introducing the new words from various topic enhances speaking , recognition and memory at a very young age.

These vocabulary could be introduced in daily life real objects or through flashcards and books . Also there are multiple videos available to build children vocabularies. There are apps on that help to develop vocabularies with pictures on particular topics based on age , the ability of these apps to make it interactive with sound and touch make them more interesting and play like, but need to keep check on as screen time is also an important issue to look for. You could also prepare your own video or flashcards of photos that you would want the child to learn.

Vocabulary to teach could depend on various topics also depending on the age the depth could be covered. Words accompanied with proper pictures or video are very necessary for kids to listen and connect at young level.

  • names of things around home and nature , animals , birds , fruits , vegetables, vehicles, flowers.
  • numbers and alphabets, colors, shapes.
  • doing words or action words.
  • animals home , babies
  • places and people , jobs and professions.
  • opposite words.
  • describing words .
  • position words.
  • Genders
  • myself and about self.
  • names of family members and relations.
  • cartoon characters.

Building a strong vocabulary at a young age helps to form a strong base for future learning, children with speech difficulties also tend to improve as they are able to articulate using these vocabularies. Introducing words need to begin at early age and develop depth depending and ability to grasp.Words need to be introduced as a part of regular routine without pressurizing the kid and introducing new words as the kid moves forward.Using good animated videos and pictures make it interesting for the child to grasp with interest.

These vocabularies could be introduced as simple words and pictures , later used to make activities such as finding , naming , identifying to develop their logical , cognitive and speaking skills.

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