Practical Ways – 2.Begin Writing

The process to begin teaching writing involves in systematic manner introducing them to be able to make lines and curves and accordingly lead them to writing the number and alphabets. Teaching writing in sequential manner becomes difficult as the pattern to write letter each is different and doesn’t follow flow.

  • begin with basic standing and sleeping lines , slanting lines .
  • introduce curves both left and right.
  • making o or circles.
  • able to make patterns like zig zag or waves

After that teach to write numbers or alphabets that have same pattern or use similar parts for writing .

  • standing and sleeping line – L, T , I , H, 1, E , F
  • slanting lines – A, V, K,
  • using ( ) curve patterns – C, P, B, D, 2, 3
  • zigzag movements – N, M , W

Another problem which many face in writing and identifying is when letters or numbers look mirror images .Example- c and ), p and q, b and d. Give them time to understand and accept this difference , this can be done by helping them through hand movement or use of different hands for the symbols and showing how they are in different direction. Also you can have cutouts of these symbols made in different materials like sand paper or velvet paper and allow them to write using pointers on these surfaces.

Some languages like Hindi have similar looking letters in such cases write down all the similar looking letters together and help them understand how each sounds different and what is the minute difference between how these letters are written and sound.

The basic to writing is understanding the pattern to write , recognizing them with sounds also able to differentiate between similar looking or mirror image letters. This forms the base in future learning without having to fight the confusion all through the early learning stages for the child.

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