How to deal with all the contents and learning?

Every content can be basically divided into following type

1.Conceptual- mainly deals with introducing concepts ,it’s application, theories, rules or grammar.  

2.Logical- requires understanding in a flow .Allows linking concepts to the application.                          

  3.Analytical –  more in depth research on topic , different angles to look for and dealing with various question formats.                                     

   4.Byheart – requires mug up of charts , spellings , terms , jargons , procedures , technical steps or lookup tables.

All these contents have different reception at different times of the day also depending on activities preceded .

A logical content requires one to be more alert and may require more than one source to be able to get to the point.It requires  one to be able to understand the concept and put it to use like in problems.Best time would be at fresh start of the day or actively charged after a play or entertainment.Obviously this content requires guided intervention as these need to be explained depending on students grasping power.example – mathematical problems

An analytical content is based on fact that concepts have been made clear and needs to look into different angles.This can be done as an activity or providing different types of questions which can be later checked by the tutor and suggest corrections.This content also demands some amount of research with the help of technology, multimedia contents or books.example – different question formats on topics, activity worksheets, making charts or organised notes.

Mug up contents need to be done on regular basis to register them in memory.Last logical and analytical need to be dealt in iterative and incremental manner as these are based on previous knowledge for moving to advanced details.

Dealing with content and learning in a more organised manner help to make study a more routine and interest based rather than pressurized activity.

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