Price of Evolution and Share in Failures

Are we able to give the younger generation a better place to live in with health challenges due to pandemic and lifestyle, environmental challenges due to concrete jungles, challenges in system (increasing corruption, nepotism,intolerance , increasing crimes on women and children, economy), challenges with technology – limited interaction and lack of human touch.

The answer to these questions makes its inevitable as parents and elders of the generation to take equal share in their challenges and failures. Most of us deal with multifaceted job roles due to increasing competition and rising pressure on one person to perform multi roles . The use of jargons like analytics, forecasting , discovery, customer building retention , branding , standards , performance, upgrading has found its ways to all professions and fields.The complexities these terms bring has evolved mankind and generation to be able to understand things from more deeper angles than any time before.

So it is the right time as evolved humans of our time to understand our responsibility and share in the failures of younger generation . 10 reasons to take share of their failures

1. Do not follow what you preach- its very well known children don’t listen as much they follow what you do.

2.Handling , access and restriction of technology and devices- unlimited access to mobiles and internet without parental restrictions or watch .

3.Stress of Economy- work and money is in high priority hence many a times the kids tend to get left behind or ignored . Well if we try we can still handle it much better both the work and kids .Have a to do list when you wont be able to attend or check on them and not leave them to do what they feel with their time. At least 15min a day of involvement and connection does wonders.

4.Task is given but process not set – The only thing kids are told to do is study all day without actual involvement of setting what to study , how to do it, which sources of learning to use.

5.Expecting them to do same work through out day- Its impossible to keep looking at books and studying from them all clock round. Well there are many other ways of learning that achieve the result in practical ways.

6.Even a little time out of work deserves their attention .The human touch of able to connect and maintain a line of communication open to discussions that builds for lifetime.

7.Guiding them through their phases and then letting go rather than let them explore on their own and get lost in space.

8.Mentoring and preparing skills for future field of choice. The ones we literally worked hard and took years to build and succeed. Preparing them for the challenges of their generation in profession , family affairs, health and nutrition. Teaching them tolerance and morals.

9.Screentime versus Family time a issue that does not require much explanation . Family sharing a same room all lost in all their screens is a common sight.

10.Team Work – The hectic life and stress in job has clearly defined roles at home. The family needs to operate as team towards a common goal rather than specialized units catering to their areas of services. Giving time to overlap or swap tasks to play every role to make it a real team work.

No matter how difficult all these seems aren’t we the evolved humans of our time better to handle any task at hand , just requires introspection , forethought of our responsibility in every walk of their life.

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