Women and Education

The advantage or plus point of an educated women in the family is always weighed in terms of additional source of financial stability. Well cant blame the narrow thinking or lack of understanding of the innumerable ways an educated women is the most important asset in a family.

Why an educated women can prove her worth only if she accomplishes in an organization or workplace or field of profession? Why cant an educated women be a mother or wife and still be an asset? Why are home or family responsibilities considered to be so petty for an educated women? What if changing priorities demand her to choose from her career and family affairs ? What if she has other interest or priorities and don’t mind letting go her social status for her children? What if she wants to use her skills and knowledge for the benefit of her kids and family and not for the profit of an organization?

Sometimes a working women is also seen a mark of respect in families , to have a respectful position in an organization or domain is considered necessary at any cost ignoring other areas of family. Sometimes situation and children with more needs and attention demand more from a mother.

Well its really simple to answer because she knows what she can do best that cannot be replaced or outsourced by someone else. Let her make the choice not binding for the need of respect, society or finance and believe in her because she is educated. The problem lies in understanding the intelligence , challenges and complexities of being a women of the house

– Its just not teaching , it is giving them every possible way to enhance knowledge and learning and prepare them for future.

-Its just not cooking , its food for heart , mind and health understanding their taste , nutrition , mood keeping the hygiene. Ready to learn and experiment with changing requirements.

-Its just not relation handling , building them and making them emotionally strong because home is finally where everybody’s emotional strength lies.

Finally its more than words or actions that describe the role, its driven by sense of care and responsibility, that don’t need certification of excellence or completion.

Building a life has more challenges and complexities than any mind can perceive.

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