Entertainment takes toll on Learning

A generation in which the men were mostly learned and earner in the family with women to handle burden of household chores.There was a wide spread craze of cricket in all forms ones that would go for days and ones that would start and end with day. It kept the audience so occupied, hours and sometimes days would pass without other areas of life even getting noticed. Then every other younger member would join in and follow the flow.Hours of live telecast with radio to accompany on go, glued them to the boxes.Entertainment ,thrill and excitement about the sport had repercussions on value addition to the family.The children had an adverse effect they either deviated from learning or no support to learning at home.

Then came a generation of daily soap with a fixed schedule of hours dedicated to tv time.The women would have all their chores done to be able to fit these shows without missing even one.Most of them had contents and topics the young in the house need not be exposed to , but then there was no other way out with one tv at home and child not having any other task to be occupied.The routine became a necessity also indirect inputs for the children inappropriate for the age.

Finally adding to all these now increasing screen time with social group and apps, videos , tv shows and movies on apps , never ending news in category of interests keeps the generation occupied for long hours beyond control. As it becomes difficult to resist with ease to access and portability. The audience’s are physically with their children at home , mall , parks but minds lost in screens .There is no time even for a small talk with eye contact.

It’s time to keep check on entertainment in controlled manner without it taking toll on requirements and learning of the younger generation .No doubts the content not appropriate for the age also needs to be addressed on high priority.

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