Proactive learning to Attend school

There was a time children attended school to learn. Nowadays it’s the other way around now children learn before attending school. There is a reason for being so proactive. If not previously prepared on topics it makes it impossible for child to keep up with the speed and challenges that come up in regular classes .Answering questions during classes , being responsive, impromptu worksheets and surprise tests are challenges which require additional effort from child beyond school.

The child easily gets judged on these criteria by his peers and class evaluations too are based on these . To keep up the childs confidence and ensure grades above A it becomes mandatory to learn before it’s being taught.To keep up with grades , continuous evaluations and scrutiny a new trend of being heavily dependent on home schooling or tutioning after long hours of attending school is being followed.

Working parents have added burden hence have children enrolled for classes or private tutions to avoid poor evaluations of children .The loophole in this kind of education exposes the child to more teaching from different sources with less focus on learning. It’s time parents and teachers make learning an organised effort and process than just focus on evaluations. If the child keeps trying to learn same thing from different sources when will he find time for something other than curriculum. How will extracurricular , hobby and skill development find place if no time is left after all that exhaustion?

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