Knowledge Transfer and Question time

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Expecting a child to answer questions or bombarding the children just after completion of a teachers class, is like expecting knowledge transfer at the speed of light. This reminds of two scenes from two famous Bollywood movies. Bahubali – Where Baahubali teaches his ladylove Devasena how to defend herself from enemy soldiers and shoot 3 arrows within few seconds and the speed with which she learns and puts it to use is amazing. pk- Yes the alien pk just holds hand and has all data transferred to his hardisk.

Knowledge transfer at such speed with children is just not expected. Then why are children stormed with question as soon as a chapter finishes and if anyone of them not able to respond faces punishment or shaming.Its not about the child not being attentive or not understanding the topic, some time they just need time to let it sink and grasp different aspects like the new words, different angles to same content , how the contents could be linked .

Expecting response in such short time of delivering knowledge is meaningless . Many make a mistake of thinking delivering a lecture should get impromptu response from students to make sure it is being understood.Yes there will always be a handful children with positive response but that necessarily doesn’t come from the recent lecture, these students have previously prepared on the topic and their homework on subject done.They could be fast learners or have had tutoring on the topic beforehand.So expecting all children to respond swiftly as a topic gets over is not the right way to judge the completion of topic.

But it doesn’t mean make the lecture monotonous and one sided, there are different types of question which a teacher can ask to children. Questions can be used to bring their attention , or revise their knowledge of already learnt , open ended question allowing them to elaborate , the only ones to avoid are direct and closed questions of textbook exercise. Question time shouldn’t be to check the speed of knowledge transfer. The questions should be structured in such a manner to give an idea to the child why the topic needs to be understood and different angles he needs to look into.

Lets give the kids time and don’t expect them to be at nerves just because a question could come rocketing.

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