How can AI change Learning?

Learning once a cup of tea for the smart and early learners, will be made easy for everyone with AI.

It will help to maintain , record and analyze activity and growth of every child individually, just by maintaining an account in the name of the child. AI can help which otherwise in traditional teaching seems impossible.

Lets check in the many ways AI can make learning a wonderful experience for all :

1. Keeping track of every child ,their advances or levels of depth and understanding in each subject and topic.

2.Advanced teaching if needed through examples, case studies or simulations for experiments.

3.Personalised study content depending on personal choices or interest of media ,charts or pictorials.

4.Personalised tracking with scheduled worksheets or activities , specifically designed to track the child progress in weaker subjects and suggesting corrections or contents the child should look up on.

5. Not to mention the ability to translate the topics to language of choice for easy grasping.

6. Freedom to use the contents at desired time and accessibility irrespective of time and geography constraint.

7.Analysed detail report without any bias.

It will present equal opportunity to every child whether he is analytical , logical or just a regular mug up type. Thus use of AI will prepare a good base for higher education among children with less failures in fields they choose.

Will help in learning with concepts and understanding with customization. So isn’t AI the solution to our age old problem of our education system.

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