Text Book reading is not a Complete Teaching in itself

Text Book reading is not a Complete Teaching in itself

Textbook not a great tool for younger student most of which are struggling to develop reading and again the contents and description are difficult to interpret and connect to. Yes visuals do have added advantage .In many schools or institution teachers are told not to carry textbooks as part of their regular lecture though they could be used to help children gain insight into it sometimes. Textbooks should come into effect only when the topic is properly outlined and concepts made clear to the student.

But not using a textbook as mere tool for explanation and reading by teachers , needs lot of preparation at backend . They need to be ready with the detail outline of what would be covered with tools that will be used right from media , to projectors , real life objects , examples etc. With innovation in technology and advances in teaching techniques goingback to textbook reading is reverse.

Textbooks can serve as a tool more familiarizing the child with books , or metric to know the topics or details to be covered. The content in textbooks to read requires some kind of language and content understanding which is much above young children minds. Teachers need to look more from a Childs perspective. Though the content in textbook may seem very relatable and easy , it is not necessarily for the child who is just venturing into the topic.

Textbooks should be introduced by teacher to children as part of the teaching process not a standalone method. As grownups we are well versed in reading and understanding and can always teach children through textbooks. Also it requires no or minimal preparation from teaching side. How is teacher doing something different with here training and skills achieved on subject if mere textbook explanation and content are delivered.

Its time school implement strategies to keep more practical and less textbook teaching and learning.

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