Why do preschools charge so high?

Well the question is to be answered and for you to decide. There are preschools run under big brands , sometimes as chains , sometimes as franchise and some very acclaimed stand alone .Promising to give your child all round growth and development to prepare them for upcoming struggles of primary school. Well this can only be testified by parents who have payed the fees and at the end of session did the child actually turn even close to “Einstein” in the making.

Just to give a brief these preschools curriculum comprise of venturing these small kids into world of education and learning. Right from introducing reding , writing, recognizing, introduction to future subjects of science maths and English, if other additional languages , activities to promote cognitive, motor and social skills. Yes all these seems too much for a small child but in simple words these are a natural part of child development which is developed as apart of daily activities and don’t need special training in them. They can be developed at play , puzzles , with friends , siblings, listening and basic communication with parents etc.

Their so detailed list of syllabus , activities with time table to train your child first step to competition not to mention with really high fees. All this promised and how much of it actually done is for the parents to check , but with whom the child is totally not the right person.

Now lets see the child and parents perspective in this scenario. The parent is no doubt busy scheduled hence finds a preschool who can do best for the child.But if the working parents put in basic search and effort, in no time will they realise the ways of developing the skills in achild in more natural way with simple daily engagements.

At that age when child attends preschool he is so tender and young most of them find it difficult connecting to teaching at school, instead they are more learning and adjusting to be part of this outside new world and opportunities it brings to connect with children of their age. Only students provided with additional support or tutoring at home appear to shine bright.

Now when time for evaluation comes, its the child that is being evaluated for skills that were promised to be developed by the preschool. They claimed to be best trained in developing in your child never with the clause” depends on the type of child”. Not to mention if evaluation is below the line they may even tell you to repeat the grade as your child is slow and may catch it this time.

So now it is for us to think as parents whether all this worth the money and childs time and efforts. Something that can make a change now is following the pandemic COVID-19, there has been 10 times growth in free content available for toddlers and preschool online. Using these contents in an organised manner based on their growth can save you from the grave of being dependent on so called accomplished preschools.

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