Have an Outline prepared and Process set to Teach a topic to the child

Have an Outline prepared and Process set

Always follow a proccess set for every topic this enables the child to be listen ready and accustomed to how the topic will follow. The child has no idea what you are about to say or may be its for the first time. First familiarize them and get them in a comfort zone to listen.

Always list down small topics interconnected and give a brief before you start . All new vocabulary with pictures where ever possible is best dealt once before you begin on the topic. Explain the concept and be specific in your terms and sentences( do not make up many sentences to explain the same), use repetition whenever needed in small parts . revise topic wise no matter how small ,as you keep going forward with topic.

Last never inculcate question and answer method to mugup together. This stops them being able to make their sentences or elaborate instead just familiarize them with the keywords.

If above ways are followed a child becomes capable to learn the concept with details and understanding, this build confidence in them . They learn to give an answer with keywords taught, concept understood and their vocab and jargon.

Thus following an outline method gives child the confidence and freedom to develop.

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